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Spotlight on NuCalm

If you think that you would benefit from feeling calmer while having your teeth worked on, then talk to your Denver dentist about NuCalm. When administered during your dental appointment, NuCalm can help you relax and worry less while you’re in the dentist chair.

NuCalm relies on neuroscience technology to offset hormones which can cause you to feel stress. First, the patient either applies a topical cream or takes a chewable tablet, both of which contain a proprietary formula that counteracts adrenaline in the body and promotes a natural relaxation response. Next, microcurrent patches are placed behind each ear. Finally, the patient wears noise-dampening headphones, which deliver sounds that help bring the brain to a pre-sleep stage, as well as a light-blocking eye mask to reduce excess stimuli. Together, these components work to induce a state of calm.

Research has demonstrated that NuCalm can lower patient stress and make the treatment process more pleasant. After being treated with NuCalm during your appointment, you will experience no side effects. Because you will feel alert and awake, there is no need to have someone drive you home from your appointment. If this sounds right for you, ask your dentist about NuCalm.

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