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Lasers & Sedation Treatments

Dr. Snitzer considers laser therapy to be one of the greatest advancements in the history of dental care. Compared to traditional surgery, lasers have been found to cause less pain and bleeding for patients. Laser treatments also promote faster healing. The Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP) is a modern alternative to painful scalpel surgery for gum disease. LANAP is the only laser gum treatment that has received FDA clearance.

The Wand is another tool used to enhance patient comfort. It is a computerized anesthetic injection system which eliminates the need for needles. Oral sedation through prescription medication is another option, depending on the patient's preferences. And NuCalm is still another sedation option which creates a deep relaxation without the use of narcotics. Since there are no side effects the recuperation is immediate. This means the patient will be able to drive home unassisted immediately after treatment.

Digital Tools

Dr. Snitzer also use digital x-rays, which patients can view on a computer screen during the procedure. Her entire dental office is equipped with large, high resolution monitors to ensure that every detail of a patient's oral structure is available for dentist and patient to see. These x-rays use much less radiation and can easily be sent to other specialists for collaborative support. Through intra-oral cameras, patients will see exactly what Dr. Snitzer sees. You, the patient, will be able to view magnified images of decay, cracks or leaks.

Digital photos are also employed to document before and after treatments. These photos map a patient's improvement and ensure that his or her goals are met. Additionally, a digital chart of your dentistry, including records of your treatments from outside specialists, is maintained on site. Digital periocharting is another procedure undertaken to ensure that your gums are staying healthy. At each visit, your gums are measured and entered into sophisticated computer software which sounds an alert if there is a significant change.

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