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Other Testimonials

When Lisa Parrish of Denver was told she needed surgery for her gum disease, she decided she wasn't going to do what her dad did.

"Dad had the old fashioned 'cut and stitch' surgery, and he said it was absolutely awful. It was extremely painful and the recovery took forever. That's why I decided to go with Dr. Deanna Snitzer and her state-of-the-art LANAP laser gum treatment.

"Dr. Snitzer is very knowledgeable about dentistry in general and gum disease in particular. She told me exactly what to expect with the LANAP procedure. It was pretty much painless, and my recovery was quick. Dr. Snitzer is one of those people who just inspires confidence. That's why she's my full-time dentist now." Lisa Parrish

Tim King of Arvada was recommended to a specialist for his receding gums. When he learned the proposed surgery involved removing skin fjavascript:void('Save & Approve')rom the roof of his mouth and grafting it over the receding area, he decided to look instead into Dr. Deanna Snitzer's "pinhole" procedure.

"I made an appointment with Dr. Snitzer and she explained the procedure in detail. She told me she'd make a small pinhole in my gum under the lip…and then simply move the gum into its proper position. No cutting…No stitching…and to my surprise, No pain. I took Advil three times. That was it. Now she handles all my dental needs." Tim King

Sue Bowman had "cut and stitch" gum surgery six years ago, and she remembers it as a very painful experience. When she was told she needed to have the same surgery again, she made an appointment with Dr. Deanna Snitzer to learn about the LANAP laser gum procedure.

"Dr. Snitzer listened to me and answered all of my questions…and believe me, I had lots of questions. The LANAP process itself was virtually painless. Even the pre-numbing didn't hurt. I was fascinated by the technology…and the pain was so minor, I went to work the next day." Sue Bowman

Joey Ware of Parker kept putting off his much-needed gum surgery because he had heard all the horror stories about old fashioned "cut and stitch" surgery. He went to a specialist who showed him on a model how his gums would be peeled back, cut and sewed.

"It looked like something I did NOT want to do. So when I heard about LANAP and Dr. Deanna Snitzer, I made an appointment. She told me exactly what to expect, and the procedure went exactly as she said it would. Fast and pain-free. I've had teeth cleanings that hurt more. And my recovery was so fast I took my family to the Garden of the Gods the very next day. Now I wonder why I waited so long."

Joey Ware

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