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Colorado Advanced Dentistry

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Professional Dentists in Denver, CO


Dr. Deanna H. Snitzer combines her caring & personalized approach with state-of-the-art dental technology to make your visit to her Colorado dental office pleasant, productive and virtually pain-free. Her comprehensive services include everything from bridges to teeth whitening, veneers to laser gum treatment. Whether you need to rid yourself of gum disease or you just can’t stand your badly discolored teeth, Dr. Snitzer at Colorado Advanced Dentistry has the solution to your problem. Wide gaps, crooked teeth or ugly mercury fillings? No problem! Dr. Snitzer’s goal is to combine proven dental techniques and modern technology to remedy any and all of your concerns. Her practice encompasses all of Metro Denver and the state of Colorado.

Introducing a Breakthrough Treatment for Gum Recession

Dr. Deanna Snitzer is excited to offer the latest minimally invasive treatment for gum recession: The Pinhole Surgical Technique! This revolutionary procedure is only done by a handful of dentist in the entire world. The Pinhole Surgical Technique covers areas of gum recession and removes the need for painful cut and stitch surgery! There’s no grafting or skin taken from the roof of the mouth and no need for cutting or sewing at all!

Fighting Gum Disease Using LANAP Laser Gum Treatment in Denver

Gum disease is epidemic in the United States today, and it often leads to even more serious problems like heart disease and premature birth. Shocking as it seems, gum disease now affects nearly three out of every four Americans. And when early signs of the disease are ignored, the consequences are especially dire, eventually leading to the loss of your teeth. Dr. Snitzer is licensed to perform the Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP), the only FDA cleared laser gum treatment available today. Laser therapy has proven to be considerably less painful and much faster healing than old fashioned “cut and stitch” surgery, and Dr. Snitzer has performed this innovative, safe treatment countless times for her patients.

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Using Technology for Better Results

Aside from the super effective LANAP laser therapy, Dr. Snitzer uses a variety of innovative tools and methods to treat her Denver dental patients. She is a strong advocate for the newest advancements in dental technology, and has employed many in her practice, including such pain and anxiety-reducing tools as:

  • The Wand
  • NU Calm
  • Digital X-Rays
  • Intra-Oral Cameras
  • Digital Photos
  • Digital Dental Charting
  • Digital Periocharting

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Computerized Anesthetic Injection

From computerized anesthetic injection systems to magnified oral images, this revolutionary technology allows Dr. Snitzer to perform even more swiftly and efficiently. (And has there ever been a patient who complained about spending too little time in the dentist’s chair?) She uses relaxation treatments that enable her patients to experience a less stressful, less painful post-treatment experience.

Personalized Dental Service in Denver, Colorado

Dr. Snitzer offers her patients more than just advanced dental technology. She develops personal relationships with each of her patients, making them more comfortable every time they have an appointment. Every time a patient comes to her office, they will speak directly with her. Unlike some dentists, Dr. Snitzer never sees more than one patient at a time. You, the patient, receive her full attention throughout your entire appointment.

Dr. Snitzer understands that cosmetic and surgical dental work often may seem expensive or pricey to patients. That’s why her practice focuses on offering reasonable prices for each and every service she offers. Her mission is to provide gentle, personalized care that people can actually afford.

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