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Sedation Free Dentistry in Denver, CO


NuCalm is a revolutionary technology designed to relax the body without the use of drugs. It creates a deep relaxed state, which mimics the body’s normal preparation for sleep, eliminating the need for narcotics or controlled substances. It causes no side effects, meaning there is no recuperation time or supervision needed after treatment. Patients feel relaxed and rejuvenated after treatments or surgery, creating a much more enjoyable experience. They will also be wide awake and alert, allowing them to drive immediately after their appointment. Dr. Snitzer uses this advanced technique to assure the comfort of her patients and provide them with a more relaxing experience.

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Other Anxiety Relief Treatments

Dr. Snitzer is always looking for ways to improve her patients’ comfort level.LANAP treatments offer virtually painless gum disease therapy. The Wand is a computerized anesthetic injection system that eliminates the use of needles and any apprehension a patient might feel. If the patient prefers oral sedation through prescription medications, that more traditional form of relaxation is also available. No matter what type of dental treatment or surgery you need or prefer, it is available to you. Every tool and procedure used at Colorado Advanced Dentistry is intended to provide a safe and comfortable experience. If you would like to discuss any of the methods and technology Dr. Snitzer employs, she will be happy to review them with you.

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