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SedationFree Denver, CO Dentist

Colorado Advanced Dentistry Serving Denver, CO

Our Denver dentist, Dr. Mark Whatcott, is proud to offer Denver, CO patients a safe and effective alternative to sedation drugs. At Colorado Advanced Dentistry, we understand the anxiety that many people feel at the dentist. While effective, sedation dentistry is no longer the best method to achieve painless dentistry. For years, Colorado Advanced Dentistry has served as a platform to introduce and advocate for some of the latest technological advancements in dental care. Utilizing new, proven technology, our team can treat Denver, CO patients, often without narcotics, giving them a comfortable and anxiety-free experience. 

Anxiety Relief Techniques in Denver, CO

NuCalm Technology

NuCalm is a revolutionary technology designed to relax the body without the use of drugs. It puts patients in a deeply relaxed state, which mimics the body’s normal preparation for sleep, eliminating the need for narcotics or controlled substances. NuCalm has no side effects, meaning there is no recuperation time or supervision needed after treatment. Patients feel relaxed and rejuvenated after treatments or surgery, creating a much more enjoyable dentist experience. Additionally, patients feel wide awake and alert, allowing them to drive immediately after their appointment. Dr. Whatcott uses this advanced technique to assure the comfort of his patients and provide them with a more relaxing dental visit. 

How NuCalm Promotes Painless Dentistry

NuCalm contributes to painless dentistry by remaining the only patent in the world that can effectively balance and maintain the human autonomic nervous system naturally. The components of the NuCalm technology include the following: 

  • NuCalm Biosignal Processing Disc – The biosignal processing disc delivers electromagnetic frequency patterns to the body. The disc is placed on the inside of the ear, at your Pericardium-6 acupuncture point, and sends a signal to the heart, which in turn transmits these signals to the brain. These frequencies assist the brain in interrupting adrenaline and cortisol release, increasing vagal nerve output and slowing down cellular actions. This process works to mimic the body’s naturally occurring transition to sleep. 
  • NuCalm Neuroacoustic Software App – Through highlysophisticated neuroacoustic software, NuCalm is capable of delivering frequencies that guide the brain to the Theta wavelength, also known as the restorative and healing “zone” within the brain. 
  • Light-Blocking Eye Mask – The NuCalm eye mask helps eliminate any visual stimuli so patients can effortlessly maintain a state of deep relaxation and sense of sleep. 

By combining all three of these NuCalm componentsColorado Advanced Dentistry ensures patients can achieve feelings of deep relaxation while simultaneously feeling less anxiety while visiting our Lakewood, CO office.  

Denver Dentist Office Providing LANAP Treatments 

As one of the leading Dentists in Denver, CO, Dr. Whatcott is always looking for ways to improve his patients’ comfort levels. Laser-assisted new attachment procedure (LANAP) treatments offer virtually painless dentistry options for gum disease therapy. The wand is a computerized anesthetic injection system that eliminates the use of needles and any apprehension a patient might feel. If the patient prefers oral sedation through prescription medications, that more conventional form of relaxation is also available. No matter what type of dental treatment or surgery you need or prefer, it is available to you at Colorado Advanced Dentistry. Every tool and procedure used at our Denver dentist office is intended to provide a safe and comfortable experience. If you would like to discuss any of the methods and technology Dr. Whatcott employs, he would be happy to review them with you. For more detailed information of LANAP treatments, feel free to check out our LANAP FAQ page. 

Dentist in Denver Offering Patients Pinhole Gum Surgery

Colorado Advanced Dentistry is pleased to offer Denver, CO patients the innovative and non-invasive gum recession treatment optionThe Pinhole Surgical Technique! Dr. Whatcott is one of the only dentists in Denver, and one of the handful of dentists in the entire world, that is trained and licensed to perform this revolutionary surgery. The Pinhole Surgical Technique (PST) works to rejuvenate areas where gums are receding. This gum recession treatment does not involve any cutting, stitching, or grafts, which promotes painless dentistry due to low levels of swelling, pain, and bleeding after treatment is complete. At Colorado Advanced Dentistry, our mission is to provide a gentler, more personalized approach to gum recession care that offers alternatives to more conventional gum recession surgeries. Below are some of the additional benefits of PST: 

  • Significantly less treatment time compared most other conventional receding gum surgeries.  
  • This innovative gum recession treatment can treat as many teeth in one sitting as the patient and dentist see fit.  
  • Traditional treatment options use the patient’s own tissue, which offers limitations on how much of the area can be treated at one time and can require multiple rounds of palatal grafting. 
  • The pinhole technique works to restore the natural look of the gum line almost immediately following treatment.  

Are you interested in our anxiety-reducing approach to dental care? Denver dentist Dr. Whatcott is here to offer a comprehensive approach to painless dentistry in hopes that these services make patients less apprehensive about visiting our office in the future. Whether you’re due for a cleaning, need a tooth replaced, or require gum work, trust Colorado Advanced Dentistry for optimal oral care. Once you’re ready to receive the best dental services in all of Colorado, call 720-789-8716 to schedule an appointment.    

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